Here at kettu we wholeheartedly support the Fashion Revolution.
A global movement calling for a fairer, safer, cleaner, more transparent fashion industry. The Fashion Revolution began after the largest industrial disaster at Rana Plaza in Bangladesh in 2013.
The Fashion Revolution is a not-for-profit campaign that strives to bring forth the makers of products and improve working conditions of the garment industry. The Fashion Revolution movement believes that change for the better starts with a simple question: who made your clothes?
The clothing brands at kettu: marimekko, ubang & recreate all support the Fashion Revolution and are committed to promoting responsibility and transparency in the garment industry.
These progressive brands all pay special attention to the working conditions in their operations regardless of the manufacturing site or country and are helping to shift the improve the practices of the fashion industry.
Ubang believes responsible production is the way forward and subscribes to the principle that reducing pollution is the best solution. Made from organic cotton, Ubang garments are free of residue and the producers are certified ensuring good working conditions and no child labour in the factories where the garments are made. 
Recreate Clothing is ethically produced in a sewing centre in Cambodia. Operating in conjunction with the New Zealand Registered Charitable Trust and as members of the Fair Trade Association (FTAANZ), Recreate Clothing are committed to providing fair and empowering employment under excellent working conditions, including living wages with the opportunity to earn matched savings every month; a 32 hour work week to ensure plenty of time for family and life outside of work; full sewing training covering every step of the garment making process; additional training in areas such as money management, basic healthcare, reading and writing; paid holiday leave, sick leave, maternity care and overtime pay; the opportunity to care for younger children on site or support to send older children to school and a well ventilated, light and beautiful working environment.
The sustainability of operations throughout their supply chain is very important to Marimekko and they are committed to doing their part in promoting responsibility and transparency in the garment industry. About 70 % of Marimekko products are manufactured in Europe and the rest mainly in Asia. They pay special attention to the working conditions in their operations regardless of the manufacturing site or country.
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