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Beach toys, there’s lots out there so how did Quut – a new entrant when launched bust through to win multiple, yes multiple red dot design awards and become a worldwide success? We were keen to find out.

So there is a team of talent behind Quut who are also the creative force at a leading Belgium design agency. With a focus on quality that would stand the test of time, inspiration from childhood memories and a commitment to design which would grow and be versatile to play with children as they grow there really is nothing like the Quut range.

With 24 kids between you what was the initial catalyst for embarking on the Quut journey?

The quality time we had at the beach when we were kids ourselves is something we wanted to relive with our own children. We found it very frustrating that there were no decent beach toys available living up to these expectations. That’s why we decided to start our own collection of beach toys.



With an emphasis on beauty and durability the clever and thoughtful design of the products in the Quut range is clear as soon as get up close. With a tag line ‘helping to create memories of a lifetime’ you can’t help but fall in love with the philosophy. Please give us an overview of how a product comes to life (from idea to available for sale).


I would like to refer you to a movie we made last year which shows the creation process of the Alto. In this movie you can see the many experiments and try-outs we did with cups and prototypes in our self-made sandpit.


With a new beach toy released each year can you let us in on what is coming up?


The two new products that we want to introduce to you are Quut Raki and Quut Pira. Besides these two novelties, we also added some existing products in new colors.

Raki is a 2 in one gardening and sand tool combining both a rake and a spade. Endless learning, creativity and fun is guaranteed in the garden, at the beach, in the sandpit and in the snow! Not only can it be used as a rake or a spade, it can also be used as a funnel, a sieve and a water and sand writing tool, the possibilities are endless!  We are also very proud that Raki was nominated for a Toy Award in preschool category at Nurnberg Toy Fair 2018.

Pira is a new sand construction tool that allows you to go back in time and build pyramids like the ancient Egyptians.

We discovered that you currently have a campaign on kickstarter for an expandable carry case which looks incredible. It’s a common conundrum how to fit the shopping in your luggage on the way home and this versatile suitcase would solve that problem. Are you a:

  • Pack the bare minimum and wear clothes on repeat; or
  • More of a pack everything you own (even garments you never wear at home) just in case?
Within our team of 13 people you will find a bit of every profile.


Could you please share what has been the most fun and the most challenging product from design to market?

If I have to choose one, I would say Alto. We are very proud of this product because it really is kind of an invention, it’s new and innovative. It allows construction of sand castles in a very professional way and the design was based on the way real construction work is done.

At the same time it is also a challenging item because it is not easy to explain in the shop. It needs a little bit more attention so it is an extra challenge to promote and sell. If you see a short demo video of the item, you immediately get it but is not always very easy to recreate the same level of understanding when the item is sitting on a shelf.


Lastly please share your favourite beach and which Quut toys you always take with you.

Wim (one of the 4 managing partners at Pars Pro Toto and one of the Quut designers): Personally I have great memories of beach time with my kids at the Costa Brava beaches in Spain. When travelling for a beach holiday I always have at least 3 Quut items with me:

  • Scoppi: because it is simply the best shovel in the world
  • Cuppi: such a small and versatile toy / game that keep my kids entertained for hours
  • Alto: I always enjoy the amazed reaction of people close to us when they are watching my kids build the greatest sand castle creations using the Alto