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The truism that simple things are often the best undoubtedly applies to Bendo.

Bendo’s simple concept partnered with exacting execution has resulted in a gorgeous debut range of homewares which are loved not only for their pop colours but also for their fun factor.

Introducing the talented Annabelle & Kristian Jamieson who met through work more than 15 years ago. With a blend of experience from backgrounds in industrial design and photography this duo have brought their creative dreams to life in Bendo – one single piece of wire transformed into something beautiful and practical.

Kettu discovered Bendo earlier this year and with popular pieces including the egg cups and photo frames selling like hot cakes we thought we’d spend some time getting to know Annabelle and Kristian.

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Can you share with us what each of your bring to the Bendo partnership and whether you have defined roles or if its more collaborative on each element?

We share a lot in our lives together so try to differentiate ourselves when it comes to Bendo. We have different strengths so try to utilize these as much as possible. Together we love to research and experience clever design. Kristian creatively puts pen to paper and I refine and co ordinate production.

Two things that really blew us away are the price point of the Bendo range and also the packaging which exceeded all expectations. How important was maintaining an affordable price range and displaying your items in such a polished way?

Incredibly important. Our strategy from the beginning has been to provide well designed products at an affordable price.

The key to great gifts is great packaging.

We just love packaging. It’s it just as important as the product it wraps. It’s bold and simple design is created to put a smile on the receivers face. It’s like a well crafted card that accompanies a present. It can make all the difference.

We understand that the Bendo range is manufactured in China – have you had the opportunity to travel to China to oversee production and how have you found the experience of manufacturing overseas?

China is continually challenging. From the very beginning we have made it a priority to build a strong relationship with our suppliers. Both of us have been to China at different times and absolutely loved it. Culturally it’s fascinating.

What have been your biggest challenges and rewards so far?

Biggest challenge would have to be accepting our first 20 foot container delivered into our family home!

It’s always rewarding seeing Bendo on the shelves in stores, or better still knowing they’re making their way to new homes around the world!

How do you find juggling your careers and the development and growth of Bendo (not to mention raising little ones at the same time)?

Exhausting but satisfying.

Any advice for anyone contemplating following their creative dreams and starting something?

Go for it or you’ll forever wonder…

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Paperclip was spotted in the recent series of the block. Do you have any strategies you employ to get Bendo out there?

These days the market is flooded with brilliant design. Australian, Scandi, etc.

It’s a matter of being pro active and getting the range in front of the right people. Thanks for the reminder!!

Can you describe what your workspace is like; does it reflect the vibrant and enthusiastic nature of Bendo products?

Music, Coffee and kids free zone is a priority for a productive workspace.

We adore the ‘woof’ and ‘meow’ pet bowls (not to mention the fact that the bowl is dishwasher proof) do you have any pets of you own?

We have a gorgeous Border Collie called Pepper who provided the initial inspiration for Woof.

What’s in the pipeline for Bendo and where will Bendo be in 5 years time?

We’re constantly developing new products and have recently begun looking at alternative materials other than wire that fit within the brand strategy. We are also investigating international trade fairs which is exciting. Hopefully in 5 years Bendo will be in homes across the globe.