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2017 marks 4 years since Georgie took the leap and started g.nancy. By all accounts its been an incredible 4 years, both personally and professionally for this kiwi born Sydneysider. We can say hand on heart that Georgie is one delightful person and her approach to business is refreshingly different. Prepare to be inspired.  

g.nancy pjs are special in their thoughtful simplicity. They are designed and made in Melbourne using GOTS certified organic cotton. You could say they are the antithesis of fast fashion. Georgie designs the pjs and for each collection her talented husband adorns the designs with a limited edition illustration. g.nancy releases 3 collections a year the print and colours of which are exclusive to that collection so once they sell out there are gone – could you please explain why you opt for this approach instead of manufacturing all year round?  

Oli and I work so hard on these hand illustrated prints, the concepts behind them and bringing them to life in photo shoots. No part of our conceptual or manufacturing process is mass produced or taken lightly and I guess that is the reasoning behind the limited edition collections. We want people to feel like they have purchased something special, limited and exclusive. We also have a wonderful band of loyal followers who are very much ready as the seasons change to fall in love with a new print and colourstory 

Over the past 4 years we noticed that the colour scheme has become more muted and a refinement to unisex styles could you please share other elements of your designs, which have evolved and changed?  

Two years ago I had my daughter Ivy and I suppose 6 or so months prior to that I knew I was pregnant. I started to produce pieces that I wanted to see in her room, when she was a baby the more muted tones attracted me. As she grows older I gain continued inspiration from her beautiful ginger hair for our colour pallet and her love of imaginative play often takes oli and I on a different direction with our prints. We never through we would produce a print where an inanimate object had human features but that is exactly what this season is about – the personalities of farm fresh fruit! We draw from the journey we are currently on as a family.  

When you started, production was based in Sydney. You now manufacture your garments in Melbourne – what are the challenges for manufacturing in Australia?  

I think the biggest challenge manufacturing in Australia is the cost. Our fabric is knitted, dyed, printed and sleepwear manufactured in Melbourne. Our labels and packaging are also printed locally, we are very much 100% Australian made and each of those steps costs more to stay local. When you add them up it is tricky to stay relevant in the market so it’s a juggling game! We are incredibly fortunate to have a band of followers who believe in our brand, the ethics behind it and the quality of our products.  

You’ve come along way and grown organically to now being stocked in over 80 stores worldwide. What has been your sweetest moment since launching g.nancy 

I am not sure there is any one sweet moment, I do love it when I hear people talking fondly of our brand. I push the company every season to reach new heights and feel a lot of pride with what has been achieved so far.  

With an impressive 14.5k followers on Instagram and 1k on facebook how do you harness all that is social media?  

I’m not sure that I harness! I have formed some beautiful friendships within the instagram platform and have found it is such a wonderful and accessible way to approach designers/customers directly. We feel very fortunate to have had some success via social media but are careful not to depend on it completely.  

Rollercoaster ride is one way to describe running a small business. Parenting is definitely another rollercoaster ride :) you are currently on both! How do you manage the challenge of giving your all to your beautiful daughter Ivy whilst also growing g.nancy 

Honestly that is something that I struggle with every day. Although I often have to work long hours I remind myself that she gets to see me much more than if I was in a role working for someone else. We are raising an imaginative, happy little girl full of gumption and I am proud to have her watch me grow a company and invest all of my love and passion into it’s success.   

Improvement could definitely been made in separating work and play mentally for me – I’ll get back to you when I nail it! 

Could you please share yours and Ivy’s favourite bed time stories?  

We are currently loving T-Vege - the story of a carrot crunching dinosaur (Smriti Prasdam-Halls), The Travel Bug (Benjamin Gilmour + James Gulliver Hancock), Daddy Long Legs (Nadine Brun-Cosme + Aurelie Guillerey), Pukeko Dancing on the Old Dirt Track (Lotte Wotherspoon) … and ANYTHING with a Koala in it! 

You’ve travelled far and wide – where is your favourite holiday destination and are there any places on your wishlist 

It’s not so much the destination for me these days – the winner is always visiting my family in New Zealand because Oli and I get more of a holiday with our family around to help!   

But we often travel to locations for our photoshoots and have such a fun time, Byron Bay this time last year was a wonderful trip and we have Hobart in our sights shortly.  

Best attribute and biggest downfall? 

I whole heartedly care about our brand, our products and especially our customers. Occasionally that care can be overwhelming and I struggle to switch off.  

We understand that like us you are a fan of Marimekko. Could you please share your favorite Marimekko print with us. 

Agh I adore Marimekko! Their colour stories are always such a brave and beautiful combination! No favourite print, I love to mix them all up in our home from soft furnishings to tableware. The quality is perfection.