sherrie adams | honey bee wraps


It easy to see why honey bee wraps have been one of our best sellers since we launched kettu.

The colourful, malleable and incredibly useful honey bee wraps are not only a joy to use but also environmentally friendly (and they smell gorgeous).

So for the uninitiated what are honey bee wraps? Take 100% organic cotton, some Byron Bay beeswax add some jojoba oil + tree resin and voila you have honey bee wraps! The unique blend of the beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin result in the wraps having antibacterial & antifungal properties which help preserve the deliciousness you chose to wrap up.

Honey bee wraps are individually handmade in the picturesque Byron Bay Hinterland, NSW by a beautiful team of passionate local women.

In researching the clever concept of honey bee wraps we discovered that its actually an old fashioned idea recycled and made contemporary by the vibrant fabrics honey bee wraps are famous for. Could you please give us an idea when wraps coated in bees wax are thought to have been first used and for what purpose?

Traditionally Australian drovers used fabric covered in wax to wrap their lunches out in the bush and the Dutch wrapped their cheeses in oil cloth. Through extensive research I discovered that beeswax has been used for many applications to seal and preserve food, we have modified this idea to fit our requirements in the modern age, adding a little of our own style and flair.

In a very new age way honey bee wraps has set up a crowdfunding campaign. How has the experience been so far?

We are thrilled and humbled to say that the response to our campaign was overwhelmingly positive. It was a great step to take in that it really spread the word and kick started our small local business one step bigger. We would definitely recommend the process to anyone trying to start up / grow a business.  

We understand that you currently source organic cotton from North America and that you have future plans for honey bee wraps including designing & manufacturing your very own organic cotton fabric. Could you please describe what your inspiration is for the fabric designs you are coming up with and when you will be able to share your new designs with us?

You can expect our very own fabric designs early next year. We are excited to share our creations with our customers. Our inspiration comes from the flamboyant boho style and is influenced by the simple cycles of mother nature.

It comes as no surprise that you have an enviable vegetable garden. What is your favourite thing to grow and cook with and are there any vegetable which you have found a bit tricky to seed and grow?

Yes its true I love to be in the garden and I am a true advocate for each home having their own homegrown fruit, vegetables and herbs. At the moment with five children and my business I’ve not been very adventurous in the garden I’m sorry to say. My favourite things to grow are rocket and cherry tomatoes as they are really delicious and very easy to grow and maintain. As for the vegetables I’ve found carrots to be a bit tricky! Some people might find them easy but mine always end up stumpy….


Any tips for anyone thinking about taking their sad lonely pot of struggling coriander to the next level and branching out into trying to grow a variety of home grown vegetables?

My suggestion would be to start small, don’t overwhelm yourself with too many varieties of vegetables, start simple and see how you go. Also make sure you rotate your crops.

Honey is making a comeback which is great news for the unsung hero – the humble honey bee! What can we do to help our honey bee friends prosper and continue contributing in so many ways to life as we know it?

Isn’t it great news that bees are coming back! They play such an important role on our planet and are responsible for one third of the food we eat. How can we help? Plant wild flowers (organic if you can) and food for bees by creating a bee hotel in your backyard.

Its also really important to support our local bee keepers, so when you buy honey or other bee related products don’t buy from big corporations and supermarkets – Buy Local!

With plastic free July just finished for another year and many schools embracing plastic free days what are your ambitious and dreams for honey bee wraps?

My ambition for honey bee wraps is to help create awareness amongst our younger generation about the importance  of reducing plastic on our planet. Eventually I would love to be an early educator, teaching the importance the bees have on our delicate eco systems and the damage that plastic is irreversibly generating.