Sometimes it's hard to admit you begin to get use to the spectacular coastline whilst living in Western Australia, but recently I revisited a very special town that took my breath away all over again.

Within the Great Southern Region of Western Australia is a modestly blissful town called Albany, which encompasses the best parts of WA all in one place. Albany is home to some of the most amazing beaches in the world and has plenty of natural attractions to keep you inspired and in awe. 

Middleton Beach

Middleton Beach (pictured above) is an all time favourite beach of mine. In the summer it is full of people enjoying the water and jumping off the main pontoon and jetty. The sand is white, soft and perfect for making sand castles (don't forget to bring along quut scoppi to help scoop up all the sand). From Middleton Beach you can begin a number of different walks to see the true beauty that lays within this hidden gem coastal town. In the winter months Middleton Beach is a popular whale-watching spot, sometimes you can spot the whales metres away from the shore. 

There is something truly spectacular about the gap at Albany. Standing 40m above surging seas crashing into rocks is exciting and frightening all at the same time. The power of mother nature is something we forget whilst immersed in the hustle and bustle of the city. I'd recommend putting this natural attraction on your bucket list immediately. 


Not far from the gap is another breath-taking natural attraction known as the blowholes. The blowholes are the result of water being forced up into a crackline in the granite, producing spray and loud eerie sounds when a big swell is running. I must admit the sound of the blowholes had me frightened out of my wits!

Although Albany is a small town there are plenty of fun places to go that will make you want to stay forever. I instantly fell in-love with the popular Gourmandise & Co French delicatessen and bakery. I'm a sucker for a croissant with ham and cheese and the one I received here was impressive and most importantly delicious. 

 If you're thinking of visiting Albany then don't forget to pack your kanken full of the quut beach essentials. If you get time, whilst in Albany it's worth driving the extra 55kms to Denmark, it only takes 45-50minutes but is worth it once you become surrounded by the tall forrest trees. Greens pool - aka paradise, is one of the most surreal and majestic beaches I've been to. The first time I went to Greens pool was many many years ago and my utopian memory of this place was confirmed when I revisited it. When you arrive at the wooden steps which pave your way down to the water you are stumped by beauty of Greens pool, everyone else around you seems to be in awe by the white sand and crystal clear water as well.