We love combining good food with good company.

 So for this blog we wanted to share some fun things we stock that will keep the entertainer in everyone alive all year round. 

There is something about the Marimekko plain white Oiva teapot that we can't help but just love. The Marimekko brand continually creates pieces that marry functionality with creativity, this is why we have always been drawn to the timeless pieces produced through this classic design house. 






From one tea vessel to another...            

The hario cold brew filtered bottle goes hand in hand with a hot summers day. Made in Japan, the bottle has an elegant design which entices people to drink cold brew tea with daily meals. 


To say that we love table cloths would be an understatement... 

Marimekko design some amazing table cloths and runners that we can't get enough of. The intricate design details make any table look like it's just been shot from a magazine. At kettu we also offer the coated cotton fabric, which is water resident so it's great for any spillages. All coated cotton fabrics are printed in Helsinki and retain the vibrant design details. 

For more ideas on how to create functional and fun dining areas check out the link below: 


We have a lot of exciting things to come in 2018 and we can't wait to share them all with you. 

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