It’s no secret that we love good design and what makes these items so special is that as well as good looks they also work to reduce our footprint.
Since the War on Waste opened our eyes to the scale of the challenge we got to thinking about simple things we could do to reduce our waste and impact.
Starting with one of our number one best sellers – honey bee wraps. Do away with glad wrap and enjoy the natural food preserving benefits of these colourful beauties. Read more about their creator here.
When we are on the go we remember to take these clever versions of the standard with us:
    stasher | whether it be snacks, food prep or even sous vide!
    frank green smart cups | reusable coffee cups
    reusable smartbag | marimekko’s take on your shopping essential
    sushi to go | elevate your sushi and sashimi with these designer travel chopstick
        Engage with the magic of renewable energy with casagami. The litogami solar range is a great place for kids to start.  
        Finishing up in the kitchen, the fly fly is great at eliminating pesky flying pests without the use of chemicals and the jangneus range of dishcloths are machine washable extending their use. Once its time to move on simply add to your compost or bury in the garden and it will biodegrade.
        For table settings marimekko napkins elevate any meal and whilst showcasing the stunning designs they are also printed with non-toxic, water-based colors on recycled tissue and are 100% biodegradable.
        If you have any queries or suggestions on other products we should be stocking please get in touch we'd love to hear from you