Whether it’s the fireworks, mini Australian flags in delicious appetisers or the public holiday that get you excited its less than a week until Australia Day and we’re looking forward to it!

We thought we’d take a moment from menu planning for the day (hmmm pavlova or lamingtons?) and let you know a bit about one of our favourite Australian brands, make me iconic.

Make me iconic launched in December 2009 with the aim of celebrating unsung icons and they have well and truly succeeded (we sold out of post office boxes just before Christmas). Here are two of our favs:

munchies jigsaw
Fairy bread, Pavlova, the Lamington and the humble meat pie or burger with good old fashioned Aussie style beetroot and egg – these are our tasty treats that seem normal to us Aussies but very strange to anyone else.
iconic toy tram
Painted in authentic colours based on the W-class Melbourne tram, and comes complete with 12 passengers and 2 uniformed tram conductors that have their own cabins on each end of the tram.

Our range also includes fairy bread sequin purses, wooden sydney ferries and a special toy bickies set, with more gorgeousness arriving next week to expand our range.

So if you’re looking for a unique gift for a big or little person or toys that have a special Australian meaning check out the make me iconic range.

Happy straya day!