Our love of all things Nordic is no secret and this month we’re been looking forward to more outdoor entertaining.

Transform your outdoor entertaining area by mixing it up with a marimekko tablecloth and colourful napkins to create a simple as new look.

Whether its brunch at home or long balmy evenings where icy cold drinks and canapés sustain lovely catch ups we try to keep in mind that entertaining doesn’t have to mean formal, complicated or tortuous.

Here are a couple of tips on how to create an intimate atmosphere for friends and family and enjoy the art of outdoor entertaining:

  • Create a festive mood with beautiful table settings, decorations, bunches of fresh flowers, lighting, music and gorgeous alfresco candles
  • Thick, comfortable cushions on chairs will encourage guests to stay at the table for longer
  • Embrace an eclectic mix of plates, cups and cutlery no need for everything to match
  • Stock a bar cart with essentials: glasses, plates, ice, a cocktail shaker, and swizzle sticks. Wheel it back to the kitchen if you run low.
  • Make sparking drinks more special by adding frozen berries. Try garnishing sparkling water, champagne or your favourite summer refresher with frozen blueberries and raspberries
  • Relaxed protocol – think informal gatherings where exciting dishes are shared using simple, fresh and seasonal produce. This will make your event so much easier as it will save time and stress!
  • Accept offers of help – as the host you don’t need to have everything in hand. Let your guests help if they offer as a little help will go a long way and make your night more relaxed and enjoyable

Remember a wonderful night doesn’t demand anything elaborate – just simple food, good company and a convivial setting – happy entertaining!